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Grendahl Design Co. LLC

Grendahl Design Co. LLC

Single Family Custom Building

About Us

Grendahl Design Company offers individualized custom-built homes taking away all of the stress and decisions of building a house on your own.

Our custom-designed houses are built specifically for the market, perfect for anyone if the building process isn’t something you’re familiar with. The houses are unique and beautiful, and they are fully functional for any lifestyle of families. Learn more about the homes we currently have on the market here.

We also offer management and design for your project from dream to reality. You can choose from one of our many floor plans and customize them to fit your family’s specific needs.

Roger Grendahl is the project manager of the houses and is hands-on throughout the process. Roger is full of knowledge, and he makes sure the projects run smoothly as well as in a timely fashion. He has a background of more than 19 years in the construction industry and runs a successful electrical business, RG Electric, for the past 14 years, @rgelectricbismarck. He has overseen many large projects and has managed many new construction projects.

Sarah Grendahl is the head of design for Grendahl Design Co. This entitles function, style, and the final finishes of the houses. She has a degree in interior design, and designing homes is her passion. Transitional, classic, and refreshing are some words that she describes her design style. Every detail from the functional floor plans to the final cabinet hardware is thoughtfully planned to create a beautiful, inviting, and balanced space for everyone.

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