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Truss Systems, Inc.

Truss Systems, Inc.

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About Us

Truss Systems Inc. was founded in 1995. Since its inception, our company has grown from a manual truss location to an entirely automated facility. We have continued to upgrade our equipment to meet the demands of our customers in both quality and quantity.

Truss Systems has expanded our staff to include four designers and four sales people along with adding additional roof and floor truss tables. Our saws are now completely computerized.

Truss Systems offers a crane service for assisting our customers with the placement of their trusses. Both our delivery and crane department’s work together to ensure our trusses are placed in the correct location at every job site.

What sets us apart from our competition is our ability to pair our high quality design with excellent customer service. We value the importance of producing the highest quality trusses that in turn satisfies our customer’s expectations and needs. Working with our customers on an individual basis, helping to bring their vision to reality and ensuring they are getting the best possible product is our goal.

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