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Copper Leaf Homes, LLC

Copper Leaf Homes, LLC

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About Us

We build high-performance homes that are more comfortable, energy-efficient, smarter and healthier than homes built with conventional processes and materials.

Our mission is to build the best possible homes for the best possible value. We want to exceed your expectations for the home building experience and develop communities where value, location, and lifestyle come together.

Our Copper Leaf Homes team has been hand selected by the builder to create a culture we are grateful to be a part of. Our vision is to have a team that is creative, personable and knowledgeable to help make your dream home a reality. For your peace of mind, we will be sure to communicate with you throughout the entire process. We have learned through our experience, the ability to think outside the box. We look forward to creating a unique and enjoyable experience for each individual buyer. Our biggest goals are creating lifelong relationships, designing the home of your dreams, and having the most pleasant journey possible.

At Copper Leaf Homes, we focus on details and quality to ensure every home building experience is enjoyable and fulfilling. We set a new standard in home building with a unique approach we call The Copper Leaf Standard. It is our everyday way of life, and it is the very essence of holding our team together through communication, collaboration and attention to detail. It is our culture, our promise, and our passion. What’s most dear to us, is making dreams come true and creating a lifetime of memories for our clients.

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